Over 15 Years of Experience
in Healthcare

We know the challenges you face everyday. We are a tool in your toolbox for a better working environment, better perspective, and ultimately your greatest success.


We created this company after realizing practices need something simple and effective. You need help or ideas that are easy to implement and efficient. You need a positive perspective and helpmate in your corner while you are surrounded by the overwhelming tasks to be done in a day. Healthcare is a business, and we can supply you with business basics while you take care of your patients.

What are you wanting to accomplish? Better Culture? Better Branding? Growth Plan? A Fresh Idea? Procedure Manuals? Process Improvement? We are here to help!

Our Services

Process Improvement

Through a systematic approach, using the LEAN methodology, we want to help you have a more efficient practice. Most importantly, we want you to get rid of some of those headaches and frustrations that hinder your business. We will train your staff on the basics of LEAN and work on your project with you. Whether you want a staff-wide project or individual projects, we are here to help!

Company Culture

By outlining your company’s mission, values, ethics, expectations, goals, and work environment, we can help fine tune your culture. Your competition can replicate everything you do, but they can’t replicate you. Your culture flows from the highest levels of your organization. It can only be effective when the leadership demonstrates practice values day-in and day-out. We prefer to combine your culture into a marketing strategy for the most powerful result. We want to take your practice to the next level in respect by employees and community.

Office Manager Training

We should all be in a pursuit for continuous learning and personal growth. When you stop learning or growing, you become obsolete. Have you hired new staff or is your current staff in need of a refresher course? You’re busy. Let us help you by taking this one off your to do list. We can provide your entire staff with a training course or individual training courses in the comfort and convenience of your office.

Practice Analysis

Do you have a specific area you want help in or have concerns about? Are you simply looking for a second set of experienced eyes on your practice? We would be honored to spend 1-2 days in your Practice, giving you the 30,000 ft view of your practice, noting where you are and where you could be. We don’t simply provide you the challenges in your practice. We want to give you solutions and assist you in those solutions.


Through strategic planning and placement, we can help your practice grow in volume and revenue. Done properly, ethical medical marketing can attract patients and cases you want while building your reputation (brand). We have relationships and contracts with proven vendors and networks to get you in the best place, with the best ad, in the most cost effective manner. We want you to have the practice everyone raves about!

We are an extra set of hands to help you
get the job done,
because we’ve been in your position.

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